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Post # 12 - Q Occult Series. Q749: [Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. Q] We told you! Do you now believe?

Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the occult. In the Q Occult Series, I am exploring and dissecting the clues he has given us to understand the scope of the ongoing war we are engaged in.

I see many on this board have picked up and I understand many others are still questioning the possibility of this war being also waged on spiritual planes and invisible realms. They assume I am exchanging ideas or conjectures with no necessary relevant connection to reality.

Q’s 749 post is supporting what has been said in my last posts and seems to have come at the right time to help the second group make the dive. He says:

Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind? Sound familiar? Wonder where they derived that idea from. Now comes the 'conspiracy' label. Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours. Q

Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label. Understand guys: Satan can only operate in darkness, he is weakened when exposed. The ‘conspiracy’ label is to socially and intellectually shut down all those who are approaching the truth. All prophets and messengers of God cited in the Bible and the Quran were accused of being crazy. For his concealment, the deadliest trick Satan has pulled off is to make you question his existence. If you have doubts about him, re-read Q’s posts:


[Does Satan exist?]

That’s the question.


[SATAN has left the WH]

Here is the answer.

The end won’t be for everyone. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole, walk with Q and not just have an intellectual take on things but live them and actually understand them? Do you want to know what is REALLY going on so that you can heal? How can you heal if you don’t even know you are sick? Or do you want to just superficially talk about things on a board for entertainment?

That choice, to know, will be yours. Red pill or blue pill, Neo?

Stay tuned.

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