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Post # 112 - The pipe bombs, the synagogue shooting and the Air Force One umbrella.  Part 2.

Before you proceed, make sure you read part1 here.

Let’s continue analyzing the deeper layer timeline Img4 and gather the remaining pieces of the Red October Month Puzzle. Let’s pick them up one after the other:


PIECE 1. Trump: Ron Baron.

Let’s listen to Trump at the Rally in Charlotte on Oct 26.

He explains how David Friedman, his Ambassador to the State of Israel, helped him set up our embassy in Jerusalem for 500,000 USD instead of 1.1 Billion USD. We also learn his friend Ron Baron has very good taste and decorated his office with Jerusalem stone. video from 1:03:51 to 1:06:14.

PIECE 2. Andrew Cuomo: Zebra – Track2.

In AW9’s archive, you’ll find in this post  the reason why NY Governor Andrew Cuomo hates Trump so much and why he made his infamous statement about America never being great video1video2.

We already know what Andrew Cuomo is all about.  In an Oct 26 interview, Fake News CNN asks him the misleading question if he thinks Trump will change his tone after the Pipe Bomb episode. video from 8:25 to 9:00. From the CNN transcript, here is the summarizing image, look at it very carefully: Img6

PIECE 3. Pittsburg Shooter: suspect Robert Bowers arrested. 


PIECE 4. Trump’s AF1 umbrella incident.

On Oct 27, Trump is boarding Air Force One. It’s raining very lightly and contrary to his habits in this case, he holds an umbrella. As he enters Air Force One, this happens: video. And of course, the fate of the umbrella becomes another opportunity for his blind detractors to mock him: Img7

All the pieces of the puzzle are in. Let’s gather them in one synthetic image. Img8


First thing worth noticing is Robert Bowers and Ron Baron share the same initials RB. Coincidence?

In part 1, we noticed Cesar Sayoc’s initials CS, if taken one step further in the alphabet, were leading to DT: Donald Trump. I also said CS was the Deep State’s way of warning Trump to not make any step further. Now look at Robert Bowers. Did you notice 2 steps further in the alphabet take the initials RB to TD: Trump Donald. Coincidence? How about Trump connecting Ron Baron to Jerusalem stone and Robert Bowers attacking a synagogue two days later? Coincidence?

Now let’s talk about Cuomo. I told you to look at the image with the transcript very carefully. Why is he making a reference to a ZEBRA? How about Track 2? Is this common language for national TV? It’s obviously code. I will intentionally skip one step in my thought process to give you the pleasure of finding the hidden gem on your own here. If you have followed Q’s teachings, you’ll find it easily. I will just say that since B=2, Track 2=TB and invite you to take a very close look at the image I provided. If you triangulate with “we can’t sustain this”, “we’re red” and “the American people are going to respond faster than the President of the United States”, you will see the meaning of his coded statement is: Bring phase 2. Keep the red pressure. If things keep happening before Election Day, Trump won’t be able to sustain it. We will get a response from the American People before the President can react to the crisis and control the damage.

The Red October…

Now the umbrella. Did you notice Trump dropped his umbrella on October 27?

What is another way to write 27? Yes 27=20+4+3. Let’s go to Q2043. Here is what we find:



Ex: P talks to X  X talks to Y  Y talks to Z  P, X, Y, Z = BULK DATA COLLECTION [UMBRELLA]

Bingo! UMBRELLA refers to the BULK DATA COLLECTION by the NSA. Now, look at the beauty of all this: Trump picked Oct 27 to hint at Q2043 but to also draw our attention to the mirror of 27 in [SEC 702]!  Look at this tweet.

Do you see it? Drawing attention to his umbrella on Oct 27 was the Very Stable Genius saying: Hey Deep State, do you remember I signed the renewal of 702 and am therefore authorized to perform bulk data collection? I hope you did not do anything wrong. Because if you did, this will happen:


Wow. Let that sink in.


Now we are equipped to give an explanation to all the coincidences we have identified: 1) Trump says “OBAMNA”,  2 days later Brennan receives his package with a missing N. 2) Trump mentions Ron Baron and Jerusalem, Robert Bowers attacks a synagogue the next day. These “coincidences” are proof Trump’s intel agencies were able to collect data about the coming events. Unfortunately, like in most cases, they were not in a position to stop them from occurring. For example, you may have gathered intel letting you know a man with initials RB will attack a synagogue but you would not be able to stop it because of the number of synagogues in the country. The needle in a haystack… BUT. When it happens, you know where to look to get the real sponsors behind the veils of 1) a possible DNA setup link or 2) the activation of an MK Ultra subject, and this is what the Air Force 1 umbrella meant…

Trump tried several times to send them messages to stop them and make them hear the voice of reason but it was to no avail: they still proceeded.

Sounds familiar?

Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made.


Next move?

Q1222  These people are stupid. We have it all. Q

===end part two===

=== The Following is From Comments on Post ===

The following Comment / Work is from /u/-NoraPandora- on Reddit who has been noted by SerialBrain2 before but her Post was lost during the Reddit Q-Purge.  Therefor since I believe (as archiver) this is important and SerialBrain2 has acknowledged  as much, I am making sure this comment does NOT get Purged should Reddit Admins come after SerialBrain2 again. Here is the Comment /Work from /u/-NoraPandora- from comment section of the above Post on Reddit and SerialBrain2's response:

from -NoraPandora-

Hi guys, below are some thoughts I posted on voat.

Hope, you enjoy it!

The Twitter account @s8tn has announced the shooting of Pittsburg days before!

You will surely remember that there is a Q drop in which he draws attention to this Twitter account of Satan @s8tn.

Q1854: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2563660.html#2564091

Q says, "The choice to know will be yours." Q

Shortly afterwards on the same day Q wrote this to this Twitter account:

Q1859: "This Twitter acct was referenced for a very specific reason.

HOLDS many 'questionable' messages from people of power/influence.

These accounts are run by BIG NAMES.


That didn't leave me alone...

I found a strange tweet on this account from Oct 16 that shows nothing but a smartphone with 4 coded messages. Numbers and letters.

First I looked at what happened around 16 Oct: the caravan through South America is mentioned in the press. This is the start of the Deep State's series of "attacks" this month. On Oct 24 the first pipe bombs came, on Oct 27 the shooting in Pittsburg.

And now hold on tight:

I divided the coded tweets into letters and numbers and then added the numbers together by simply replacing the letters with a +. I compared the sum with other words that have the same mathematical number. All messages end with :23.

From Q we know what 5:5 means and that you can also write it like that = 32:23.

You see it?

That made me curious. If these messages have something to do with 5:5, then they are from Skull & Bones. That's why I deliberately didn't count the :23.

The result totally knocked me out!

Here the original Tweet:


Here is the breakdown and the results:

Message 1: T391+1+08+4+929+9+9+632460565= assassin

Message 2: 26+17+58+46879+159+077+5879= sacrifice blood

Message 3: 5125603+1768485+92667702+4656+3= coming soon

1+59143+244+4103956+757+206751= Tree of Life

Do you see it it?

The shooting in Pittsburg was announced 11 days before!!!

And finally the timestamp: 17:32. = Q vs. Skull and Bones.


If we keep watching this account we might find out their strategies before they are implemented!


Sorry, typo: Message 1: [without T] 391+1+08+4+929+9+9+632460565 = assassin

level 2

Comment /Reply from: SerialBrain2

This is AMAZING work -NoraPandora-!

As Q would say:


This is why we are here.

Extremely proud! ;)

[archiver's note: Q post # 1340 was the drop that pointed to SerialBrain2's Reddit Post which is now Banned everywhere but HERE:]


=== End of Comment ===

=== End of Post ===

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