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Post # 11 - Q Occult Series. Q744: Wake up guys! Here are the Nephilims!

Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the occult.

In the Q Occult Series, [Archiver's note: Please see the highlighted posts labeled Occult Series under POSTS]

I am exploring and dissecting the clues he has given us to understand the scope of the ongoing war we are engaged in.


For example, those who are still looking for other parts of the “Private: Clown Clown Clown” episode, may find them here at Post #4.

[Archive note:  - Posts are found in Posts starting with # 4, 5 and 6 - HERE under "posts"]

So in Q744, Q is asking us to take a close look at this picture.

He says: [Find the link. Look around. What does it signify?].
Then, he goes further in Q745: [What are they sitting on? Perfectly lined up? Why? Learn. Q]


And to make sure we get he is inviting us to go beyond appearances and explore the deep and even occult meaning of what we see, he gives the cherry on the pie in Q747 and 748:

[Flowers & Gardens. Learn the hidden symbolism. What does a 'Flower' represent? What does 'Deflower' represent? Think children. Think slaves. Think sheep. Q]

Guys, what is all this water?

How about the birds?

What is the President’s personal doctor doing on an official picture?

How about our famous M. P (we don’t name him)?

This is all about the FLOOD!

The birds are symbolizing the intermediary entities between our physical world and other dimensions. These dimensions are the ones where we learn from the Bible the Nephilims and similar entities were gathered after the flood!

Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. Genesis 7:23

Face of the earth in this verse means these entities were not allowed to stay in our dimension.

They are coming back.

They figured out a way.

And they are using the politicians we trust to pave the way for them through secret pacts, alliances and programs: video[video is below - William Cooper: author of "Behold a Pale Horse":]

History is cyclical: But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:37

By “deflowering” our children through covert genetic manipulation using big pharma, vaccination, chemtrails, GMOS’s, waves and other human form alteration strategies, they are hoping to build a mind controlled “perfectly lined up” army of “sheep” and “slaves” obeying to the mind of a unique evil spirit… They are planting the seeds of Trans humanism and Artificial Transcendence…

Don’t be fooled: all these alien abduction stories you hear about throughout the world is them studying human biology so that our bodies can host their spirits.


For the Grand Finale: incarnation of the Antichrist!

In return for this permission to study us and slowly kill us, our treasonous politicians have access to alien technologies they then distribute to their buddies in the private sector who become billionaires and powerful overnight. No trace of research. There has never been. Patents just magically appear out of nowhere. It’s the aliens giving them these Trojan horse technologies. As simple as that.

Now you know why Q is obsessed by Eric Schmidt (...the Executive Chairman of Google from 2001 to 2017 and Alphabet Inc. from 2015 to 2017)... and his relationship to the Clintons.


Now you know why Clinton’s private server and Special Access Programs are central to all this.

Now you know why it is key to bypass these tech giants and regain control of the core network infrastructure as recently suggested by AT&T…  Time to re-watch They live.  It’s all there. You’ll see…

Q749:  Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind? Sound familiar? Wonder where they derived that idea from.

Watch: Video below.

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