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Important Note about this site & links from Posts that were Archived.


A while ago as you may be aware, All Q related material was Banned from Reddit during a "purge" instigated by the Admins and Owners of Reddit.  During this same period many YouTube accounts were also shut down.  Meanwhile; Still others (like Dr. Corsi and Alex Jones) disingenuously perhaps [in our opinion] but also perhaps PREDICTABLY, took down ALL of their Q related "decodes" / discussions and posts (but ONLY after Q exposed them for what they really were;  And, in case you had not already guessed: SB2s pointed "pen" was pivotal and directly involved in this very public take-down!!)

Although we had access to "archived" copies of each SerialBrain2 post -thanks to /u/Smiley-dog from Reddit, the problem is that the admins of Reddit?? SOMEHOW were able to go into the archive [or so it seemed] and cause the links to the archive to either JUMP to another unrelated webpage which had NOTHING to do with SerialBrain2's posts OR they had enabled an onerous and very difficult to remove partly transparent graphic OVER the main body of the post obscuring it from being read and thwarting it from being copied to another archive.  Fortunately I was able to figure out and devise a back-end copy move that thwarted this strange graphic roadblock.  However we still had the issue of all the important vital LINKS in each and every SerialBrain2 post that had not been archived along with the main Body of the Post itself.

Finally after a couple of months of work I have gone through the nearly 800 separate links to cross check each one and most importantly to completely re-write the correct hypertext URL addresses where they had failed and then manually re-route each one to make sure it links to a working address...  unfortunately not ALL the links were salvageable.   There are a couple of reasons why this is so and they are beyond my ability to repair or salvage.  So the reader of this Site will find that there are still a few missing links. 


I have attempted to NOTE such missing links whenever and as I locate/d them and whenever possible replaced them with working links and when doing so, have noted IF the source is secondary and NOT the original.  Meanwhile I have placed a Raw Archives on a separate page  for any Anon wishing to comb through the archived source files to find anything missing or check for accuracy.  An interesting note:  For some reason the strange "blocking" graphics have mostly disappeared and the strange "redirects" as well.  This is a complete mystery to me. Therefor the archives (mostly) are NOW working and as a bonus include the comment section with the comments that were available at the time of the archive.  These are the original file /links that were used in creating this site. This does not include those Posts after 94 which were After the Reddit Attack on "all things Q". 


Additionally it is NOT at all out of the realm of possibility that we will need to survive yet another crackdown if the DeepState panics again, and just in case it involves taking SerialBrain2's Reddit account away from him... we have readied ourselves for such a scenario and have made appropriate arrangements in private.

[We can Thank /u/Smiley-Dog for great diligence in preserving these archives; WITHOUT WHICH I could not have been able to build this website! ]

This has been a massive undertaking with the well over 800 links to painstakingly individually re-check, re-write and "fix".  All of which is entirely hidden from normal view within the Hypertext Markup "code" which the non hyper-text experienced casual reader will never see. The effort to get these Posts UP ASAP meant that the archived Links were put up "AS-IS" which meant that for the last couple of months the reader would still have encountered missing links with no explanation as well as mistakes in paragraph structure since none of the spacing and endings/beginnings of paragraphs were preserved. However, as of Nov. 11 2018 this has now been remedied.  I am fairly certain that the paragraph structure has been fixed (which was almost as big a job as the hypertext links).

We feel the date is incredibly fortuitous and Thank all anons for their patience...

If you are reading this and you discover that YOU have access to an archived link that is missing here, please let SB2 know - (he will pass it on to me if it is important to him...so that I will be able to fix it.]

There have been some who have suggested putting this site on the blockchain.  The idea was admirable and novel to be sure... but surely one familiar with the World Wide Web and especially in light of the "bans" and Censoring going on at YouTube and Reddit as well as Instagram, Twitter and FB...  we feel honestly that the fact that the blockchain is UN-changeable (once something is committed to it) and since not ALL of SerialBrain2's "links" are his own but rather "news" stories or YouTube Commentary by OTHER users, etc... this subsequently means that every link is subject to the vagaries and whims of unrelated and unreliable "Admins" or even simply that a certain YouTube channel decided to remove a video Or someone simply not paying their Bill at ICANN to keep their domain up.  This means that if one were to truly wish to place this site on the Blockchain - they would ALSO need to literally make a complete copy of every single link including every megabyte heavy video and every picture and newstory and then PAY to have that huge amount of content archived as well as streamable off their OWN website and then ensure that the website remain viable / up and running / for  at least as long as we still need a Q army...  the copying and archiving of the over 800 various links / videos / graphics and news-articles alone would be an enormous massive undertaking.  Not to mention it would cost serious money... to store and stream all of that footage if not relying on YouTube...  None of that is for free.  And then there is the subject of copyright for those news clips and videos... which would make whoever was streaming that content liable for copying material and storing it and streaming it - all of which can be traced back to real people.  Needless to say such an endeavor it was quickly realized; was simply not viable. 

We feel what we have done here is the best possible alternative... a managed archive that is NOT in the hands of censors but rather sympathetic anons that believe in free speech - free of  the hands of Gatekeepers. 


© 2018 free to copy by patriots everywhere

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