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Post # 96 - All Q related subs banned.


I wanted to wait to see what would happen to other Q related subs on Reddit before posting there.

Now they are all gone and we therefore can all conclude it was a deliberate strategy to silence us and was not related to content, to offense, to guidelines, rules or anything like that.

Knowing this, we can now expand and see that our next move to re-group has to be done out of Reddit. VOAT seems to be an option but so far, it seems they have server capacity issues.

[Archiver's note. SB2 is currently posting just fine on his own account on Reddit. Most are reading his latest posts there or the archived Posts AND current posts Here. I am including the next several VOAT posts just to archive everything.]

Let's continue thinking and exchanging about this and make a final decision in the coming hours.

Let's all stay united, let's all stay the course. Q is still posting on 8chan and has made several drops tonight including one about the banning. He said their attempt to silence us will fail. I trust Q, I know many of you trust me so we don't have anything to fear. This blunt move shows the desperation of the enemy and his inability to oppose us without breaking the rules.

We have already won.

Much Love!



Edit:for the time being it seems the best spot where we can re-group is here: https://www.voat.co/v/theawakening

I have created an account under SerialBrain2.

Create an account and let's try to spot each other comments, upvote them so that we are all allowed to post quickly.

You may find my comments here: https://www.voat.co/user/SerialBrain2/comments I am kindly asking you to upvote them. According to their rules I am still studying, this will allow me to post as soon as possible. Thank you!

Good luck to all!


You can find my latest post at VOAT in these 2 subs:



Enjoy and see you there! :)

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